Benefits Of Post Plastic Surgery Care

Lymphatic Drainage with Heat Therapy.
Post operative and lymphatic drainage care results after one treatment.

My Body Contour Miami

Post operative and lymphatic drainage care results after one treatment.

MyBodyContour Post-Op Cosmetic Surgery Care is the most qualified, proven and fastest healing process in Miami. The MyBodyContour post-op techniques and methods accelerate your healing process, visibly reduce scarring and bruising as well as dramatically reducing swelling. Our exclusive treatments provide the utmost in delivering perfect results in a shorter time-frame than self-recovery alone.

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We perfect the plastic surgeons work! (You’ll see results after the first treatment!)

Benefits of My Body Contour: Post Operative Care

  • Reduce and Eliminate Fibrosis
  • Reduce and Eliminate Seroma
  • Reduce water and fluid retention
  • Reduce Bruising
  • Reduce Pain
  • Reduce downtime caused by surgery
  • Reduce waist circumference
  • Performed by technicians with surgical operating room experience

My Body Contour has over 10 years of post-operative care and lymphatic drainage techniques which plastic surgeons have simply called, “magic”. Our technicians are not only highly qualified in their fields but possess surgical operating room experience to fully comprehend what the body endures during each procedure. All our dolls are confident with our capabilities to give the best care, deliver the best results and know exactly what to do no matter the surgery or situation. Unusual swelling? Seroma? Skin creases? Waist not shrinking etc? My Body Contour is the most experienced in this industry and have pretty much seen it all. We obsess over your results to ensure your surgery is perfect. Our competitive pricing and reviews prove we are the best and we deliver the best. Our post-op care will save you time, stress, and money. We have seen dolls who don’t choose our services and unfortunately end up returning for a 2nd surgery instead. Do yourself a favor and choose the best in the business so this doesn’t happen to you.  My Body Contour is here to perfect your surgery results.

The key benefit of utilizing our services is to prevent post-surgical revisions and negative customer reviews of your practice. We’re your safety net.

My Body Contour is the most knowledgeable company for Post Op care in Miami with experience that many consider the last option before surgical revision and, the only option for post-operative lymphatic drainage and post operative care after plastic surgery. Our technicians have had 4 or more years plastic surgery room experience so, rest assured your clients are being treated by the best and most experienced in the post-op care business. We are proud to offer the most effective treatments available in the world. We offer fair competitive pricing along with a professional and pleasant atmosphere. The affordable cost of our post-op treatment saves the client time and money, as well as revision trips back to the plastic surgeon. It also works great as a pre-surgery treatment to help with inflammation, and clients who are beyond the needed BMI for surgery.  


Not interested or ready for surgery? No problem! Body contouring is the most effective way to reshape your silhouette. My Body Contour’s exclusive technique, supported by research at prestigious University of Texas, utilizes heat therapy to break down fat cells while stimulating collagen for healthier skin. This treatment is painless, non-invasive and requires no downtime.

Note: Works best in addition to the Thermal Corsett

Are you planning or getting surgery? This treatment is the best way to enhance and accelerate your recovery time. My Body Contour’s exclusive technique, supported by research at prestigious University of Texas, utilizes heat therapy to not only break down fat cells and stimulate collagen but to reduce swelling, scarring or any bumps on the skin.

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With our Body Contouring treatment, you will love the shape and feel of the skin you’re in!